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Retail Displays: An Introduction to Visual Merchandising

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As soon as a shopper goes into a store, they will start making buying choices based on the things they see around them. The messaging, lighting, and colors in the area all impact which products will catch the shopper’s eye. When you use certain elements to draw attention to your retail displays, this is known as visual merchandising, and it’s an essential strategy if you want your products to stand out in a competitive retail space.

Retail Displays: An Introduction to Visual Merchandising

The main purpose of visual merchandising is to tell shoppers why they should purchase your products. When you incorporate visual merchandising into your retail displays, there are several components you should consider, such as the color of your displays, the lighting surrounding your displays, the messaging you want to get across, and any sounds, scents, or technology you want to include.

Why is visual merchandising so important? It all comes down to how long it takes to convert a shopper into a buyer. Studies show that you only have a matter of a few seconds to make this conversion, so getting your visual merchandising just right through retail displays is important. The right visual merchandising strategy can help you effectively reach your target consumer, influence shopper purchasing decisions, and improve your customers’ overall shopping experience.

We can help you create a results-focused visual merchandising plan that solidifies your brand and turns more shoppers into buyers. For more information about our processes or to take a look at some of the retail displays we’ve designed, contact us today at d3.