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Custom Permanent Displays

You want your custom permanent displays to make an impact not only on your customers, but on your profits. To get these kinds of results, you need to follow a few basic merchandizing principles during the design process:

  • Less is more—Your custom permanent displays should be simple and uncluttered with some space around them. The most common mistake we see business owners making is trying to show off too much at one time. Any props you incorporate should be simple in shape and displayed at multiple levels.
  • Pyramids are your friends – This design principle states that if you place one detail at the top of the display, all others should “step down” from that point for an effective visual. The top focal point attracts consumer attention and makes the additional details more interesting to look at.
  • Odd instead of even – An odd number of elements is a more attractive visual than an even number. This is because asymmetrical arrangements are slightly off balance and force the eye to keep moving every time you look at the display.
  • Repetition – Your custom permanent displays should feature identical elements that repeat themselves several times. For instance, if you were displaying frames, you may set up a series that are all the same style, but different colors for maximum visual impact.
  • Texture – Choose the background of your display carefully. Consider whether you want the background to complement your products or contrast with them, and make sure whatever you choose, the background doesn’t detract from the other elements of your display.