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Temporary Displays and the Art of Persuasion: How to Increase Your Sales

When shoppers walk through the aisles of a store, they often look for things they need, as well as for things they want. If you want consumers to purchase your particular product, you have to persuade them to do so. This means that your temporary displays should exemplify five specific principles of persuasion:


1. Scarcity – This is the idea that people will get more value out of something that there is less of in the world. You should ask yourself what makes your product unique and what features set it apart.


2. Authority – What makes your product, and brand, credible?


3. Consistency – What will it take for a consumer to commit to your product?


4. Linking – This principle revolves around the idea that your product should connect with people who have similar interests or needs.


5. Consensus – What are the benefits of your product?

Temporary Displays

For example, when shoppers come across your temporary displays, you can convince them to purchase your product by capitalizing on authority. To do this, your display should include visual or textual messages that show consumers that they can trust your brand and what it can do for them. Or, while using the principle of linking, you would want to make sure that your temporary displays are catered to a specific demographic.

If you want to turn shoppers into buyers with your temporary displays, it’s essential that they include each of these five elements of persuasion. For assistance with the creation of stunning temporary displays that get your product noticed, let us help.