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Tips for Creating Emotional Connection Through Your POP Displays

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You want to believe that you make purchase decisions based on rational factors, like whether or not you need the item and its price. But a lot of times, how you’re feeling and your emotional connection to a brand impacts whether or not you make a purchase.

Tips for Creating Emotional Connection Through Your POP Displays

If you’re ready to have us help you design and create new POP displays for your brand, establishing an emotional connection with your customers is important. Here are some tips for making this happen:

  • Rely on the power of words—Words are incredibly powerful and can ignite a strong emotional response. Choose your words carefully as you draft copy for your POP displays. Think about what message you want to relay and what you are telling your customers about your brand.
  • Keep your message simple—A bombardment of words or graphics can make your POP displays uninspiring. Err on the side of simple with your messaging to allow customers to fill in their experiences and feelings with the message of your brand.
  • Create a storyline—Customers will remember a simple storyline better than a list of benefits or facts. Although you only have a few seconds to grab a shopper’s attention, visuals can be an effective way to tell a story through your POP displays.

From the emotional connection to the functional aspects of your POP displays, we create displays that do it all. If you have questions about refining your brand’s messaging for your store displays or what our process looks like, reach out to us at d3 today.