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Uses for Custom Temporary Displays

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“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

You may not recognize this phrase in its original language, but once you translate it from French to “the more things change, the more they remain the same,” it becomes instantly recognizable. When it comes to making changes at your retail business, you need to carefully weigh what needs to change and what should remain the same. Sometimes it isn’t easy to make that determination, so it can make sense to start with temporary changes to see how they work out. That is one benefit of custom temporary displays. Here are additional situations in which a temporary display makes sense:

  • Seasonal- Unless you have a place where you could place a permanent display that is flexible enough for different seasons, custom temporary displays suitable for a couple of weeks to a month to accommodate seasonal items are the way to go.

Uses for Custom Temporary Displays

  • Holidays- The holidays increase the traffic to your store, resulting in the need for more displays that you’d use the rest of the year. Instead of needing to store permanent or semi-permanent displays, go with custom temporary displays you can discard after the holidays.
  • Events- You show a connection to your community when you support local events. Stay on top of festivals, for example, and create custom temporary displays for products that would be in demand. For example, a town with a banana pudding festival would appreciate a display of bananas, graham crackers, vanilla extract, and other pudding ingredients.
  • Promotions- Draw attention to products you are promoting, such as putting a high-profit-margin item on sale or showcasing new products.
  • Testing- New products are almost always a gamble, so rather than dedicate permanent display space, set them up on custom temporary displays to see how they do.
  • Start-up- Companies that are just getting started and have a lot to learn about what works and doesn’t work in their community could consider using custom temporary displays to reduce initial capital expenditures and minimize costly mistakes.
  • Budget crunch- Finding yourself in a budget crunch doesn’t mean you can’t liven things up at your store. In fact, including a few custom temporary displays that boost business could turn things around!

 Regardless of the reason or situation that has brought you to the decision to go with custom temporary displays, you need a company that understands the importance of branding and designing the right display for your needs. You’ll find that here at d3, as we understand that getting to success on the retail floor is a journey filled with details. Let us help you with your journey!