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What Makes Effective Store Displays?

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Here at d3, we specialize in creating high-quality, attractive store displays for your business. One of the benefits of brick-and-mortar retail locations over e-commerce is that the former gives your customers the ability to interact with your products physically, which makes them more likely to buy. Research has shown that store displays have a significant influence on customer behaviour, so it’s important to create effective displays to maximize that advantage. In this article, our team will go over some qualities of successful store displays to help you do just that.

store displays have a significant influence on customer behaviour

  • Simple and Concise. One quality of effective store displays is simplicity. In our experience here at d3, if a display contains too much information or too many clashing visual elements, the message becomes muddled and its impact on sales weakens. Because of this, our team will work with you to hone your message and branding in order to get right to the point.
  • Instructive and Clear. Besides catching your customers’ eyes, good store displays should teach them how to use the products in question or how to put them together. For example, a display of cooking ingredients could have utensils, dishes, kitchen tools, or cookbooks along with the food to create a more complete and enticing image in your customers’ minds. An effective display should also be easy to read, clearly displaying pricing information and other key details.
  • Neat and Uniform. The third quality of effective store displays that we at d3 will cover here is that they should always be neat and uniform. This means that the shelving, etc., should be made of high-quality materials and put together with care, and that the products themselves should be uniform in their presentation—for example, all the hangers and tags on a clothing rack are facing the same direction.