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When and How to Use Permanent POP Displays

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Here at d3, we have extensive experience creating point-of-purchase displays (also known as POP displays) for stores of all kinds, and we can help you do the same. When designing new POP displays, one of the questions you will need to answer is whether you plan to use the display on a permanent or temporary basis. In this article, we’ll go over some guidelines on when to use permanent POP displays and provide some tips on how to use them effectively.

When and How to Use Permanent POP Displays

• When to Use Permanent POP Displays – Permanent POP displays are the least common type of POP displays, as many store owners simply move items onto their standard shelving if they perform well in a temporary display. However, there are some good reasons to use permanent POP displays—for example, if you want to continue to highlight a particular brand or a particular set of items in an endcap. Our permanent displays offer a great way to draw attention to the items displayed there, driving up sales of that merchandise.

• How to Use Permanent POP Displays – There are many ways to use these POP displays, but we’ve found them to be especially successful at promoting cohesive product collections, such as brand lines. In addition, you can also use permanent displays to promote add-on items that complement the main products in focus—for example, if you are promoting a new phone, it’s wise to display phone cases and accessories in the same display unit, as customers will be more likely to add more items to their purchase.